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Name:Jean-Paul Beaubier
Birthdate:Sep 11
Disclaimer: This is an RP journal. Northstar belongs to Marvel Comics and is used without permission for zero profit. All photographs used as Jean-Paul's icons and for the journal layout are of Marc-André Grondin, whom I also do not own. Sadly.

Note on how I RP: I handwave like a crazy motherfucker because I am lazy. Multiple muses are handwaved, various verses are typically handwaved. This is a game, and I try to be as low-drama as possible. (Try. Drama occurs. But I don't go out of my way to cause it, probably due to the aforementioned laziness.) The muse is not the mun, although neither is actually very nice.


I've adopted 616!Alpha canon, only slightly less... utterly ridiculous. No mystery-cough, no Front de Libération du Québec, no possible elfness. The short story is:

Jean-Paul Beaubier and his twin sister Jeanne-Marie were orphaned as babies when their parents died in an automobile accident. He and his sister were separated, with his sister winding up a ward in a Catholic girl's boarding school. JP was adopted, but his adopted parents were ALSO later killed.

JP spent time in the circus, and after leaving them he wound up on the streets where he met one Raymonde Belmonde. Raymonde became a mentor for JP, pushing the boy to get into winter sports to channel his anger. He went on to become a professional skier in his 20s, even representing Canada at the Olympics in 2010. However, he was stripped of his medals near the end of the Games - a controversial DNA test of the athletes proved he was a mutant. He's still pissed about that.

More recently, Jean-Paul was contacted by Canada's Department H, who wanted him to join the Canadian super-team Alpha Flight. There he found his long-lost twin sister, who was the main motivation for him joining. Between the Olympic scandal and becoming a superhero, JP has gotten a fair bit of press as of late and, in the fine tradition of media whores everywhere, is parlaying the attention into money and fame.

He currently splits his time between Montreal and NYC for business reasons.

"Your naivete and spouting of slogans reminds me a little too much of myself, mon ami... which is unfortunate for you, since I do not like myself very much, non?"
- Alpha Flight #91

(For a full list, see The Marvel database Entry.)

Basically, Northstar can fly and is very, very fast. He can use superspeed on isolated body parts, which sounds fabulously dirty but really is most useful for smacking people repeatedly before they can blink. He has heightened reflexes and an accelerated metabolism, as well as enhanced durability and G-Force compensation. So he's tougher than he looks. When the twins are in physical contact with one another they can generate an extremely bright light.

And oh yes... his ego could easily destroy Tokyo. That's not a power, it's just him.

WARNING FOR YOUR TENDER MINDS: This journal contains adult content like whoa. Muse and Mun are over 18.

Layout credit goes to [personal profile] arobynsung
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